Slingshot, LLC

At Slingshot we are driven, perhaps neurotically obsessed, by our belief that consumers have forever changed. Today people have more channels, more devices, more bright shiny objects competing for their attention than ever before. How they spend their time has become fractured into bite size chunks, with advertising constantly surrounding whether they pay attention to it or not. This is why we refuse to follow the same old marketing approach. It's not about simply interrupting people. It's about engaging them in the places they're actually paying attention and delivering a compelling message that creates an impact.

Slingshot was born in 1995. Google was still just a sketch on a cocktail napkin. Social media was years from its start. We cut our teeth at a time when technology was transforming the world of marketing around us. We were blissfully innovative, creating solutions to our clients’ business problems, not knowing the things we were creating were industry firsts. (Or that creating them was supposed to be difficult.) This gave us a deep appreciation for tapping into unrealized potential, which is part of our company DNA. We still see opportunity inside every challenge like a prize inside a cereal box. Even the historic building we call home was rescued from the wrecking ball and stands as an example of getting the most out of things. 


The Slingshot building is located in the historic Dallas West End. Restaurants and nightlife are all within walking distance, as are history and art museums such as the 6th Floor Museum (JFK) and the Dallas Art Museum. The Dart Light Rail Station offers access to other vital points of the Metroplex. Venues like the House of Blues and American Airlines Center (both less than 2 miles from the building) offer mainstream performances, while smaller bars and clubs bolster Dallas as a growing local music scene. A few miles away, Uptown offers local theaters and even more culturally diverse culinary fare. Texas is known for its heat, but there are plenty of ways to beat it as long as you know where to look, and the Awalt Building (home of Slingshot) has massive air conditioners.

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